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Cleaning your mattress – a Southern Frugalness Tip

Part of my southern heritage is frugalness – or maybe it is the Scotch side. Not sure,but I know that I always will error on the side of “spend less, not more.”

This weekend I was in the middle of changing the sheets on the bed and realized the mattress, now 20+ years old had some sweat stains that were starting to look, well, just plain awful.

And here is where my frugal bit went wonky. I am totally not ready to buy another king size mattress. With our 25th wedding anniversary coming up next year and a big trip overseas planned, all my extra monies are going in to the trip fund. No mattress is on the plan.

And then it hit me. Why not go Google “clean freshen mattresses” and see what shows up. And of course there are dozens of equally frugal people out there in internet land that know what to do and will gladly show you in a variety of Youtube videos. I watched several, some of which were amazingly informative and helpful and some were just plain fun to watch. They were so bad I had to pull myself away from the keyboard or I would have spent the rest of the day in utter amazement. Chuckle.

However, let’s get back to the point of this blog. There was a common theme to the majority of the videos. They all pretty much used the sames steps and ingredients and here is what they were.

1. Remove all bedding -this is kind of a “duh” but you never know so it’s wise to say do this.

2. Vacuum the mattress. Twice. You are going to be totally grossed out at what comes off what “appears” to be a mostly clean mattress. Yuk. Dead skin. Left over thingys from socks. In our case, cat hair. Lots of cat hair (and I have a mattress cover – so how does it get through that?)

3. Prepare the magic cleaning solution – 8 oz of Hydrogen Peroxide, 3 tablespoons of baking soda, 1 drop (yes only one drop) Dawn dish soap. You can also add in Lavender essential oils – about 10 to 20 drops. Make sure to stir this solution often and use immediately as the peroxide starts to lose its power in the light (that’s why the bottles are brown – to keep out light – who knew.)

4. You can either try to put this in a sprayer but that just didn’t work for me – it kept clogging the spray tube. I used a small brush and dipped it in the solution liberally and scrubbed the stain. If it gets too wet stop and dry it up with a small towel.

5. Wait – probably the hardest thing for me to do. – about 20 minutes to see if you need to apply another dose.

6. Now, take baking soda (for a king bed it took two small boxes) and sprinkle it all over the bed – getting in to those nooks and grannies. You want it all over the bed. You can also apply a few drops of the essential oils as well – just be careful as a little goes a long way.

7. It’s best to have it sit on the bed for 24 hours – so you might either want to do this one weekend you are going to be out of town – or try out that guest bed for yourself to see if it is indeed as comfortable as you tell your guests.

8. After the resting time, vacuum off the baking soda. You’ll want to pass over the mattress at least twice. You’ll be amazed at the smells that come out with the baking soda. As a bonus the baking soda will freshen up your vacuum cleaner as well.

From what I read it is a good idea to do this every few years. Since I had never done it at all, I think it will be in 5 years and not the 20. You may also want to wash your pillows at the same time. Ok, fess up – how many of you have ever washed your pillows. Yep me either. They turn out almost new. But that’s for another blog.

My recommendation is to go Google the terms I showed above and also for cleaning pillows. Hope you find some of the “good” ones as well -it was most entertaining.

That’s it for awhile, y’all. Happy restful sleep on your newly freshened mattress.


Ever feel like the world is against you? Stand in line.

My poor blog has reached out and said “feed me, Patty.” Well, blog, here you go. Most of my posts have been on hobbies and cooking. This one will be a bit different.

My life has taken on a lot of additional stress. There is increased new business which is good but is generating a lot of work. There are elderly mothers who seem to grow ever more needy. Sometimes it feels like all I do is work – for someone else, not myself. Which is interesting as I own my own business.

Being the rainmaker and key decision maker in both my business and my home means being stressed all the time. My family and business associates suffer because of this. It’s not my intention to be overly grumpy but at times there is no way around it.

The biggest issue for me is not having adequate support to shore me up when I feel especially downtrodden. A friend that I had hoped would be that support is more critical than helpful. My belief is they have their own demons and there is no room for me and my problems.

My family has their own issues and I, as the matriarch, should be giving support rather than asking for it.

That’s when it hit me – I am the maker of my own destiny and therefore should be the provider of my own support. I need to focus on handling the stress and finding ways to manage it rather than hoping the support will come from elsewhere.

Over the last year I have fallen in love with yoga and meditation. Looking back, I realize that when I am my most content and relaxed is during those times. That means I need to remember those feelings at the moments when I feel the most overwhelmed. Sit back. Close my eyes. Breathe. Chuckle – right.

Writing these words now is actually helping. It is up to me to manage the stress and how I handle it. People around me have their own stressful lives and are struggling to manage their own issues. If someone is overly critical or negative, I need to listen, but not absorb that negativity. I also need to make sure I am not the reason for the negativity – I need to channel my stress elsewhere.

Life is challenging. We live in a stressful world. That’s not going to change. What has to change is my reactions to them. And when a person is over stressed, trying to deal with things outside of our control is hard. However, that is the key thing – they are outside of our control. It’s our own inner peace that will rule the day.

Norman Vincent Peale said “The life of inner peace, being harmonious and without stress, is the easiest type of existence”. Now I just need to figure out how to live that life.