Hi, I’m Pat Patterson Egen and I’m a born and raised Floridian.  My grandmother was born in Pensacola and I was born in Miami.  Many people don’t consider that the south, but it is.  Trust me.  Long before there was a SoBe (South Beach), there was the dairy farm out on Milam Dairy road, Seminole Indians floated down the Miami River, and nights were mild and you could actually see the Milky Way.  The smell of night blooming Jasmine and frogs making a racket meant to me I was home.  I’m not living there anymore, but the smell of the ocean and the feel of sand under my feet will always prevail in my thoughts.

Now, I live in the mountains of Tennessee and enjoy making the recipes handed down to me by generations of great Southern women cooks.  I’m going to try to reveal some of those secrets in my blog here along with things I’ve picked up along the way.  Even though we were Southern, Paella, Syrian Lamb Rice Dressing and Basque Lamb kidneys also are recipes handed down to me.  We all were and are willing to head into unknown territories to find great ways to cook food.  I hope you enjoy the posts and share with me your thoughts on what you read.

Bye y’all.


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