Monthly Archives: November 2016

Weekends in the kitchen are my salvation

It’s the weekend.  The weekend before Thanksgiving.  That means braving the crowds in the markets to get ingredients for the coming Thursday dinner.

Walking down the aisles, gathering all my ingredients also means I get to see what’s fresh and different in the vegetables.  Today it was gorgeous leeks and butternut squash.  I immediately thought of a Butternut squash, leek, coconut and ginger soup to start the week off right.

We opted for a fresh turkey this year and it’s a nice small one.  I always prefer smaller turkeys.  They typically are moister.  If you have a large crowd coming, just buy two.  You won’t regret it.

Tonight I had some french lentils so I made the wonderful Warm French Lentil recipe by Ina Garten.  It’s got some unusual ingredients – you cook the lentils with an onion stuck with cloves and a turnip.  There is something about that combination that gives the lentils a lovely flavor.

A container of fresh Greek Yogurt came home as well and it inspired Greek Grilled Chicken with Dill and Yogurt sauce.  That will go great with the lentils.

Finally, I made the cranberry and orange relish along with a traditional cranberry sauce.  This will give them both time to age nicely in the fridge.

Helping me in the kitchen is a glass of Silk from Menage a Trois.  This is the first time we tried it and it won’t be the last.  It’s luscious and smooth. The name fits it.

After a tough week dealing with all kinds of crisis situations, the kitchen is my savior.  The smells are amazing. I already feel better.  Now, if only my sons could be here for the holidays all would be good in the world.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.  Take the time to enjoy good food, family and hug everyone you can while you can.