Monthly Archives: July 2012

Newest Experiment – regrowing Celery and Bok Choy

Recently, I have found a new vice – Pinterest. I spend evenings scouring around looking for great tips, tricks and culinary adventures. I stumbled upon on photo that show someone regrowing celery from the bottom that had been cut off a celery bunch. Hm, intriguing idea.

I went to the blog entry (I’ve listed the link below to give proper credit) and saw that not only could you do this with celery but also Bok Choy. So, I embarked on yet another experiment. And I’m happy to say, well, gosh darn, it works. I’m posting the first photo here and will update the blog entry as time progresses and my experiment continues to grow.

While digging down in the blog, it pointed me at yet another blog which talked about the same thing and also noted that you can regrow spring onions indefinitely. Basically, you put onions you have either pulled out of the ground, or bought in a store, into a glass of water. You “harvest” the top parts leaving about 2 inches of the onion still in the water. And voila, the onions continue to keep growing. That’s pretty cool and I will try that project soon as well.

That’s it for now. Here’s the link to the blog I found on Pinterest.

Ciao, y’all.