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Mushroom Experiment – first harvest

Woo hoo. I harvested the first Shiitakes today. They will sauted with balsamic vinegar and wine and put over sliced Rib Eye steak over Ginger Rice. It is really cool. This experiment actually needs to be upgraded to a project – not an experiment. It’s working. Still haven’t seen any Pioppino mushrooms but they are supped to take longer. The enokitakes are starting to “bud” – I guess that’s what you call it. Mushroom farming is new to me so I need to study up on the jargon. But, I can’t wait to see how the mushrooms taste. They will probably be the freshest I’ve ever eaten. Still not brave enough to go out in the wild and harvest – but we’ll see. Maybe. One day.

Shiitake Mushrooms - first harvest!


Mushroom Experiment – Live and in process

Well, the mushroom experiment has officially started. We are actually into week two of the process. That process is basically misting the mushroom bases 3 to 4 times a day. This photo shows the humidity bags over the Shiitake and Pioppino sets.


Notice we have babies on the Shiitakes. Woo hoo.

Looking Closer

first mushrooms

This is a closeup of the mushroom babies.

All that is required is the daily misting. The hardest part was the fact the water couldn’t have chlorine. That meant boiling water every day. Mother nature came to the rescue and provided us with a deluge over the weekend. I harvested rain water and now have a proper supply of non-chlorinated water for my mushroom patch.

Mushroom Misting


Now, figuring out a way to help Don remember to mist them for me while I’m off on baby watch in Arizona will be the real trick. Wish me luck.

Ciao, y’all. And happy new year.