Mushroom Experiment – Part III

Well, the boxes have arrived. I am not quite ready to get them set up because the room I will use is where we are having a party this coming weekend. But, I wanted to make sure all was well, and besides, I was excited to see what they looked like.
I’m glad I did open the boxes because after slicing thru the tape, this is what I found. Glad I didn’t wait an extra long time. They are mushrooms though so I suspect it wouldn’t have been a bad thing to have them sit a bit. It’s the moisture part that is probably the biggest thing. In the winter, with the heat running, there is not a lot of that in the place. I’ll need to use the humidity bags included with the kits for sure. Since Shiitakes are my favorite, I opened that box first. The picture to
the right is the shipping details from
the mushroom farm. I can only hope that my mushroom block ends up looking as rich and loaded
as the one on the photo.
Only time will tell.
This what was in the Shiitake box. It’s a clump of the starter and spores and has a date of 10/19 which is when the humidity bag was created. Some of the little nodules on the side are mushrooms that are starting. Woo Hoo.

The instructions say to check the label and if it’s not 40 days since the package was built, to keep it in the box until the 40 days were up. Since this is December, we’re good to go.

Here’s the Enokitake set. Sort of looks the same.
And finally, here is the Pioppino starter set.

Now I just have to have the party, and get the dining room set up as my new mushroom farm.

The next blog entry will show what I come up with.

Ciao y’all and happy holidays.


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