Making Grape Vine Wreaths

One of my garden experiments is my grape vine.  This year, I got several luscious clusters of sweet, purple grapes.  There were enough to eat, but not enough to do something fun like making homemade wine.  So, I went reading up on grape vines and realized I needed to prune my vine just as aggressively as I would do a rose bush.  In fact even more so.  I turned to my favorite resource, Google, and found several sites that showed me what to do.

Here’s my grape vine before and after pruning.







In the process of pruning my grape vine I ended up with lots of pieces of vine.  Somewhere in the back of my head I remembered reading about making wreaths from grape vines.  I gathered up all the detritus and headed in doors on a mission.

This is the pile of branches spread out in a jumble.







My loyal hubbie, Don, helped me unwind the twigs, not, as it turned out, the easiest process, especially with cats trying to help out.

Once again, I went to Google and found tons of websites that talked about making wreaths.  After  Don and I finished unwinding the twigs – again  more challenging that I originally thought, I spread them out and started the process.

Basically, you wind up the twigs like winding up a hose or rope on a sailboat.  And yes, the twigs have minds of their own.  If you are starting out with twigs that are a bit too dry, you can soak them overnight in water to make them more pliable.  Since I had just cut the twigs mine were fairly flexible.

Here’s a wreath in the process of winding.  You don’t even need wire. You just stick the starting and ending pieces in between previous rounds.

And finally, here’s the end result – 3 wreaths that I will decorate and either hang or give to the neighbors.  Pretty nifty.

That’s it for now.  Happy Holidays and Ciao y’all.


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