Hiding the greens

Yes, it’s a strange title – but I can explain.  I have great greens growing in my garden.  My husband loves them.  I cook them every way known under the sun.  However, my mother in law thinks they are horrible, hideous, yukky, and other adjectives I can’t remember at the moment.  She is a cancer survivor and needs the vitamin C in these greens.

So, I am on a mission to “hide the greens” – i.e. make them look more like spinach than collards, turnip or Swiss chard.  Now, this is no easy task.  Greens have a very strong flavor, especially if you don’t get them out of the garden when they are really young.

What I’ll talk about today is how I have successfully, and sneak-aly (is that a word?) managed to pull off putting greens both in front of and in her.

First, greens inside stews are a no brainer.  Cut them small enough and they disappear.  You keep the goodness of the vitamins, but loose the “green blob on the plate.”

Smother them with garlic and cream cheese.  This is a trick I learned on Rachael Rae to create creamed spinach.  I just replace the spinach with greens – and presto – I have pretend creamed spinach.

Quiche is another quick way to mask greens from unsuspecting greens-phobic people.  Again, make sure they are chopped very fine – no stems, no really old greens – pure mush almost.  This trick probably worked the best of all.  She didn’t even realize there was mushrooms in the quiche – ah, but that’s another blog article.

I imagine this would probably work for kids as well.  The trick is making them look different.  Bacon, onion, vinegar – all the normal things for great greens don’t work.  You have to make them not look like greens.

This is becoming a new passion for me – sneaking (hiding) the greens.  But I feel justified in that she is getting the nutrients she needs and I’m keeping the peace.  That’s what it’s all about.

Ciao for now.

P.S. – got any tricks of your own for masking greens – share them here.


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